This is Tanaka

He’s a character from the anime Haikyuu. (You should give it a watch)

Tanaka is one of those anime characters. The loud ones. The brash ones. The ones that are not too strict. The ones that are unexpectedly nice. The ones who crush on the team manager.

Tanaka is also the one who is not so special.

Sure, he’s on the main cast. Sure he plays in all the games but it’s not like the cameras are on him. He knows he’s important but he knows that he doesn’t shine as much as the main characters.

In this game,Tanaka kept being targeted. Why? Because the opposite team knew all his moves. Literally. And the worst part? He only had one.

So over and over again, they’d score off him.

Blockers would rush to block him because his spike was “nothing special”.

The painful part? Tanaka knew.

He knew and for the better part of the game, he couldn’t do anything.

That’s sometimes the most discouraging part right?

You know how bad you are doing, you keep trying to predict what the next move might be just so you can counter it.

But it remains the same. The result doesn’t change.

“But you, who is average, do you really have time to complain?”

I’m heavily paraphrasing because I can’t remember exactly what Tanaka said. But I think I got the message through.

If you’re not good enough, you can be.

So why have I made this slightly longer piece than usual that took over three months to complete?

There are things that you can’t help and things like you can.

If you spend the time complaining of the former, you’ll never get to do the latter.

And that would be a great waste of time, wouldn’t it?

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